Backup Concentrators

How do you back up your important data? This is an especially important question if you have multiple internal computers and tablets of all different types. What if you have a few Linux servers, a Linux workstation, a Windows XP workstation, and a few Apple Mac’s as well?

One answer is a backup concentrator. This device can be set up to connect to multiple machines on an internal network, through rsync, unison, ssh or even Windows File shares. It will then create a copy of each file on the remote machine (that you have defined), and can even automatically create storage efficient “versions” limited only by your inventiveness.

This service requires someone to log into the backup concentrator and manually edit a configuration file. There is no GUI interface for the rsync backup service at this time, so you will need to either have a company such as Daily Data set this up for you or you must be comfortable using the command line.

There’s a saying that is true: “A backup is not a backup if it is not offsite“. Your backup should not be in the same physical structure as your data. A backup concentrator is what Daily Data’s backup clients are using. Nightly, the data on the backup concentrator is backed up to remote servers. This machine has a configuration which also allows Daily Data to copy the data to an attached USB drive which can be removed and taken to a remote location.

Daily Data donates a portion of all backup concentrator sales to the Debian group (http://www.debian.org/donations). If you use our specs to build your own backup concentrator, we encourage you to assist in future development by volunteering your time or resources to this excellent project.