VPN Firewall Routers

Our firewall routers provide the flexibility to match your needs, while offering the highest level of security available. Based on the IPFire    software appliance, security is maintained by constant peer review, and our low power, passively-cooled version operates at an impressive 1/2 watt of power consumption.

After several tests of other distributions, IPFire    was chosen for its flexibility, ongoing development, and most of all, its unrelenting search for the most secure system available. After that decision was made, we chose the Soekris  Net5501-70 router unit from Soekris Engineering    for its small footprint, low power usage and excellent reliability.

We also use the Foxconn    barebones workstations for lower price and their ability to handle greater loads and the less expensive 3.5 inch hard drives though, with many mechanical parts they use more power and have an assumed shorter life time.

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File Servers

One of the most common uses for servers, a file server provides one location for all your data, where it can be shared by multiple users on the same network, or even remotely if you have a VPN Firewall Router (such as our VPN Firewall Router) installed to allow remote login. You can also access this device remotely by using port forwarding on your router, though we recommend using the sshfs service for its enhanced security.

Our file servers come standard with Windows file sharing enabled, and can be configured for additional file services such as sshfs, Unison File Synchronization, NFS and AppleTalk. We use webmin ( as a simple, intuitive interface to allow you to manage your server without resorting to manually modifying control files.

At less than 40 watts of power, this system can be left on 7/24 without a large electrical bill, yet it is powerful enough to handle simultaneous file requests from a small to medium office.

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Additional Options Available

SmartAppliances offers a limited subset of the appliances built by Daily Data. In addition to the devices listed, we have experience setting up many other types of machines, including:

  • Video Monitoring Server
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Network File Servers
  • Xen Virtualization Servers

Most of our devices use standard “Appliance Distributions,” special builds of Linux designed for the application at hand (instead of a general purpose installation such as Debian or Red Hat). IPFire is a good example of this type of installation.

Only the software needed for a router is included. While IPFire does have a repository of additional things people may want, the base distribution is a router, and only that software. Some things, however, are simply easier if you install a general purpose operating system.

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Our Guarantee

Smart Appliances VPN Firewall Routers come with a 30 day, no questions asked return for full refund (client responsible for shipping, where applicable). Unit must be returned in usable shape (minor nicks and scratches acceptable).

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