New hardware search for Routers

We are currently researching new devices for our routers. We really want some kind of ARM processor, especially since the team at IPFire pulled some serious hours coming up with a port for it. However, the only machines we have found to date are either too limited (too few ports) or too unstable (one ran for a few days before it overheated and locked out, and that was in an air conditioned office).

Currently, we are looking at a product from Soekris (http://soekris.com/products/net4501-1.html) which we hope to order soon and play with for a while. With three built in 10/100 ports, this product appears to be designed for the routers we build, and they have a cool enclosure (definitely a plus).

But, if anyone has an idea for an ARM based system, we’d love to test it.